Handy Andy Hawaii Canopy Installation (Before)

The Real Reason We Started Handy Andy

After ten years of serving the military, I felt it was time to start a new chapter in my life and join my family in Hawaii. When doing so, I experienced a variety of obstacles and hurdles to overcome, like something as simple as finding a job.

I had developed crucial skills and experience while serving the country, and while very useful in the day to day life of a civilian, they didn’t exactly build up a proper résumé suitable for the business industry. Even though most companies and people appreciate veterans, it was difficult to find a job afterwards, because I had to compete with guys of my age, who used the last ten years to get degrees and working experience.

Many fellow soldiers and brothers of mine also had a very tough time readjusting in modern society. They felt like they lost their purpose, often suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. In 2016, a documented 20 veterans committed suicide each day.

Experiencing these obstacles and seeing my friends go through this, I knew I needed to change the situation and help.  Which is when the idea of Handy Andy was born, with its aim to help our fellow veterans readjust and transition back into society as working citizens.

Why the home care industry?

I have a four-year-old nephew and a little dog, that is a family member to us.

When our gardener started using toxic pesticides on the ground where my nephew and dog run and play, we urged him to use organic non-toxic materials instead. We then realized that most homecare materials include toxic, harmful chemicals. We wanted to change that and create a safe and healthy environment for not just ours but for every household.

So, my family and I put two and two together and realized that by starting Handy Andy Hawaii, we solve multiple problems and help multiple families.

If we take care of your household, you will take care of your family and our veterans.
A win-win for everyone.


– Andy C.

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