Thank You For Serving The Ones That Serve Us

When you choose Handy Andy Hawaii, your business goes a long way. It goes way beyond the transaction made between the handyman and you. The benefits you provide when choosing us is something that you should be very proud of supporting.
The fact is, the unemployment rate for young military veterans ages 18-24 reach as high as 29% at times. And the numbers extends to older veterans as well.
Handy Andy Hawaii provides a platform for veterans to transition into the workforce and gain the proper skill sets needed to live a self-sustainable life.
So, your continued support allows the mission to go on, decreases unemployment rates among veterans and helps to maintain independent employment sufficiency here in Hawaii.
When you need anything to be done in your home, call us at (808) 285-3443, and we’ll be there to serve you.
If you currently don’t, it’s okay too. Spreading the word and sharing the mission with others is just as helpful.
Thank you for serving the ones that serve us.
– Handy Andy Hawaii

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