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Here, at Handy Andy Hawaii, we strive to serve to the best of our ability. We are continuously learning and bettering ourselves to better serve you in the future. Our customers will always come first. Here’s what some of our great customers have to say about us.

5 star ratingI called Handy Andy to install three air conditioners in our house.  The guy I chatted with immediately offered a discount because of the number of air conditioners, and a good price to get them all done on one day.  We agreed on a price and a time.  The two guys that showed up started immediately, and after a while were done rechecking, painting the board locks, and ready to go.  The leader, by the way these are all former military service men, so lots of "Yes, sir" and "No, sir" but all with a lot of respect, informed me that a number of my jalousie windows were not working and if I was interested in them fixing them.  I sure was because most had rusty twists that did not work and were difficult to open by hand.  He went back and checked, came back and told me there were seven that needed fixing, gave a price, and I thought he would have to come back.  But he said he had another team that could pick up the parts and be at my place that afternoon.  I said of course, and the second team showed up about an hour later with all the parts and immediately went at it fixing all the broken jealousies.  And these guys in the second team fixed every one of my windows to work too.
I am going to use Handy Andy on my carpeting work I need done because they are fair priced, on time, extremely respectful, and more than willing to return if not satisfied.  So far, not a single problem with the work, so they are coming back to do more work at the house.  I like their company goals, and their dedication to help former service people get back into our community.  Handy Andy, you have one very satisfied customer in me.

Ronald C. Avatar
Ronald C.

5 star ratingWe hired Handy Andy to repair our front porch, redo our mailbox post and install a new security door. They were quick to answer our online inquiry that we also submitted pictures of what needed to be worked on. They sent us a quote and after we accepted it, they contacted us to set up a date for the job to be done. It was a more than reasonable price. The initial they came out, he got rained out but we rescheduled. Jordan and Brandon took about a day and a half to get all if it done but he did a fantastic job. It was so worth trying out Handy Andy. I have already begun to recommend them to family and friends. Looking forward to doing more business with them.

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Tisha K.

4 star ratingUpdated review (6/16/18):

Both the technician who serviced us and the manager called to follow up the next day, in large part to our Yelp review below.

The manager informed me that the technician selected the wrong item from their services list and thus, the charge was higher than it should have been. No problem, the technician could have been just starting on the job. Everyone makes mistakes.

We discussed and settled the issue with a price which was agreeable to both parties. We received a refund check for the difference in less than a week. Thank you!

Both the technician and the manager took the time to listen to my comments and concerns. They were very easy to work with and professional. It seems that Handy Andy Hawaii is very concerned about providing excellent customer satisfaction and also listening to feedback on how to improve their business processes (as they are a relatively young company). Kudos for this approach, you're on the right track to success with this.

Now that the price was in line with expectations, I'll add back the 2 stars plus a half star for the change in appointment times. That leaves a revised rating of 4.5 stars.

Thanks again for your follow up and prompt resolution, it is appreciated.

Original review (6/8/18), 2 Stars:

Late and Expensive.

Originally scheduled a toilet valve repair for 12-2 pm. Then it got moved to 4-6 pm. Then work finally started around 715 pm. Company did communicate all schedule changes successfully.

Valve replacement took less than 1 hour and cost nearly XXX. Their minimum service fee is a fixed charge which does not go toward any costs in the job as a minimum. Instead, it is added to the cost of the job. Replacement of valve and flapper only. What could I do, I needed it fixed.

Worker courteous and did the job successfully. No problems with the work so far.

Recommend a full quote prior to the worker coming out so you don't get sticker shock.

5 stars for the job getting done, minus 1 star for lateness, minus 2 stars for sticker shock price. On my value scale, it's a 2 star value vs price.

Will look elsewhere next time. I'm pretty sure I can find another company to do the job for 2/3 of the price I was charged for this type of small job and be on time.

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Vinson H.

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