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Here, at Handy Andy Hawaii, we strive to serve to the best of our ability. We are continuously learning and bettering ourselves to better serve you in the future. Our customers will always come first.¬†Here’s what some of our great customers have to say about us.

      Another difficult project accomplished on time and in budget by the Handy Andy team! THIS IS OUR GO TO SERVICE PROVIDERS. We are pleased that we can count on them for great service! No need to jump on a plane from the mainland, just call HANDY ANDY and problem solved!

    thumb Michael P.

      Very happy...too bad I can't give Ten (10) stars. ¬†Recommended. ¬†Great experience from start to finish. ¬†Phone, text, email communication was clear, concise, courteous. ¬†Nate, Mateo, Andy, Jordan, and Sean were knowledgeable, hardworking and professional. ¬†I had the following done:
    Small and Large jalousie window repair, Garage siding, Interior door replacement, Bathroom drywall repair, Patched Doors, Built Screens, and hauled away a Washer / Dryer and a cabinet.  They can do it all!  Thank you very much.

    thumb Romeo D.

      Sometimes. Things that seem simple to some feel impossible to the other. ¬†This was my situation. ¬†

    This week, I decided I needed to have security cameras--Impulsive, maybe, but I am sure glad they are up.......So I head to Costco, purchase cameras and leave.  And there ends the simple part.  Now I have these camera, which have to go through my WiFi, a router, which has to talk to my computer which in turn needs to talk to these cameras.  And I am at a loss.  My GF offers to come over and help me mount the cameras (Crap, I had forgotten about that part), but I agree.  Deciding in my little brain.  If they are up, maybe their mere appearance will deter the burglars and murders.....See. I really am clever.  I have my plan.  Now I can relax and have a beer and play on the iPad.  

    So, I am browsing Facebook, as we tend to do when we are on iPads wasting time...and I see several of my friends have "liked" this company Handy Andy (I always want to call them Handy Manny--We watched this a lot when my kiddo was little)--So, I click on it, still thinking of Handy Manny.  

    I am super thankful to my friends for liking this company causing it to pop up on my feed.  So I start reading about the company and I am really pleasantly surprised.  I see a bunch (not sure how many total) of young looking guys who, not only are vets, but living and working on Oahu and working for and with the community. So.  I keep browsing their page and the reviews are fabulous & the jobs they are doing sound somewhatly right up my ally -- mind you my plan is still to just install these cameras for looks.  So I decide rather than my GF and I drinking wine and falling off ladders I will hire this company to do it for me--there is nothing on the website that these guys know how to or a willing to do all the computer stuff (Me being Gen X, forgot that computers are the Millennials life source).  

    So after a few short and helpful texts and phone calls and A LOT of flexibility on their part.   We have an appointment and everything is set.  

    Sunday afternoon, Andy and Eric (I hope I got the names correct) come to my home and not only install the cameras, but do the computer stuff, and then take the time and share their knowledge on the best placement  for the cameras.  But they allow my son to tag along behind them and offer his opinion.   Then, as it turns out I need a little help in the WiFi department.   So they then not only help me understand what I need, but google it to show me what I need and offer another appointment to make that thing (Booster) work as well!  

    Bottom line. This is a great company.   You get polite, friendly, helpful team to come to your house -- No Matter where it is, they told me so -- to do a job that, may overwhelm you a little, but they know how to do with expertise.  

    I have already told all my neighbors about them...so fingers crossed...they will use them as well.  

    As local families, we all have that uncle, cousin or friend who can paint your house, or lay some tile or in my case handle computers & cameras, but we all know how side jobs work...when Uncle can come he will come, and if he cannot finish today, he will next time.   Why not hire a great company with great people, who really just want to do their job and make your day run a little smoother?

    thumb Deena C.

      Great work. I had them hang a wall mounted fan on a concrete wall. I called, they came out the same day, installed the fan, and cleaned up after they were done.

    The installers were very friendly and did a great job.  I will definitely call them back for more work.


    thumb Lj K.

      Had a few minor eye sores I wanted to get out of the way. Came across Handy Andy Hawaii and decided to give them a call. I will have to say that I am glad I did.

    Some handymen work alone, so it was hard to find one that could get a good time/date scheduled. Not with Handy Andy Hawaii. They have multiple individuals who can do pretty much any job, so getting a appointment to fit my schedule was not a problem at all.

    They came out and took care of all of what I needed. I must say, their work was fantastic and they are very easy to carry a conversation with. So, I felt comfortable with them doing the job.

    Highly recommended and I trust them to get the job perfectly done in a timely manner.

    thumb Roger G.

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