Home Repairs When Selling

Home Repairs When Selling

When you’re planning to sell your home, it’s tempting just to sell it “as is.” After all, a full renovation of the kitchen alone may cost you much more than what it will add to the final price of the house when it sells. Also, it takes zero effort on your part. But the truth of the matter is that in some cases it’s vitally important to make certain home repairs when selling as the cost of the repairs is minimal compared to what it will add to the final value of your home. 


This is one example of a crucial repair job for selling your home. The look of your home from the outside is the first thing that potential homebuyers will see, and it’s your job to make a good first impression.

So clean the windows thoroughly, buy a new mailbox, clean the gutters, install legible house numbers, change the porch light to something more modern, fix the look of your front door, and trim your shrubs. Make sure everything is tidy on your lawn.

New Paint

This is another easy fix, and it can make a huge impression on potential buyers. You should go for lighter neutral colors to repair walls with dark paint. Obviously, you ought to fix up the rooms with dirty or chipped paint.

If you have wallpaper, get rid of it as it really dates your home. Instead of forcing potential buyers to look past the wallpaper, take it down yourself and paint it with lighter colors.

Bathroom Fixes

You don’t need a full bathroom renovation, but a few simple fixes can go a long way. Replacing the toilet seat is a good start. Replace any missing tiles. Clean up the grout. Fix any running toilets or leaky faucets. If the walls look grungy, it’s time for a new paint job again.

Minor Kitchen Repairs

Again, a full kitchen renovation won’t be necessary and may not be a good investment. But some minor repairs can make your kitchen shine. Put in new paint to replace problem spots, and fix the lighting. Replace the countertops to something much more appealing. Make sure that your kitchen appliances work. New fixtures may also be a good idea. All these fixes can make your kitchen look new and modern without busting your budget.

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is perhaps the most desired flooring option for most buyers. But your hardwood floors won’t be as appealing unless you make sure they look at their best. This means putting in a new finish for your hardwood flooring to make it look terrific really. For home buyers, a new finish makes it seem like the hardwood flooring is newly installed.

Fix All Broken Components

Doors, doorknobs, locks, lights—everything that ought to work should work. Broken components can make potential homebuyers feel let down, so make sure that everything functions just as they would expect. If things are broken, the price of a house can fall way down.

All these fixes don’t cost much, and they don’t need a lot of time and effort on your part. That’s what a good investment means — you get much more with what you get with the final selling price than what you spend on home repairs when selling.

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